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Our conceptual idea of the logistic operator activity specially implies the technical advise and professional recommendations supported with the more carefull service and customer attention, providing our clients and friends the more adecuated and economic solutions to fit their inrernational transport and logistics needs.


Being members of a worldwide independent freight forwarders network, having the structure, the knowledge and expertise with all international transport means and ways of expedition are able to propose to their clients and friends the best solution for each need.


We want to exceed the expectations of the people that trust us thanks to our proximity, putting together the more advanced communications technologies and the irreplaceable personal contact.


We invest in insight to get to the heart of our customers’ challenges, Deeply involved in building relationships – everything we do is with the long-term in mind, We are constantly developing better ways of working.

We Provide The Best Courier Service From 10 Years

When our clients rely on us by submiting their merchandises and projects for its transport or logistics arrangements, we do our utmost to get them feel that they are supported by people that care about these products the same way as they do.

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Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee to collect and deliver the goods within the agreed time frame. Our aim is to collect all Same day urgent shipment within 30-45 minutes and deliver directly to its destination unless a specific collection and delivery time is requested.

Shipment Safety

All of our logistics network drivers are experienced and fully trained in cargo handling who ensures safe delivery of the parcels to their destination. Most of our logistics network vehicles are equipped with the necessary tools to perform the delivery.


We have built up enviable partnerships with leading logistic providers such as DPD and DHL. It is because of these connections that we’re able to make what seems impossible, possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to act quickly, ensuring your parcel gets where it needs to be on time.

Proper Monitoring

Our team constantly monitor the movement of each shipment from the collection point to the delivery destination. Tracking updates are sent to our Clients at time of collection and delivery, as well as when the goods are in transit as per the agreement. Any issues or delays incurred in-route are being reported.

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